What is the river project ?

“The River Project” is a simple and wonderful idea.

We offer you the opportunity to create an audio or video recording of your life stories for yourself, your family, or your friends by coming to our studio or a having member of our “TRP” mobile team coming to you.

The Three step process is easy.

Step 1: 

Choose the type of Recording you would like, audio or video,  and for how long you would like to record.  Also choose whether you would like to come to our studio or if you prefer that we come to you.

Step 2:

Contact us by either filling out the Contact Form or by calling (219) 525-1547.  We’ll help you schedule your recording.  Then just come to our studio or a member of our team will come to you.

Step 3:

Once the recording is complete, allow seven days for the finished recording to be ready for you to take home and enjoy.